Community Development Through Polytechnic (CDTP)

Introduction :

.• The Scheme is sponsored by MHRD, Government of India with main objective of raising the socio-economic status of rural people and has been introduced in all Government Engineering and Polytechnics of Odisha.

Objectives of the Scheme :
The main objectives of the scheme are

• To Carry out Need Assessment Surveys to assess the technology and training needs;
• To Impart Skill Development Training to the intended target groups;
• To disseminate Appropriate Technologies for productivity enhancement;
• To provide Technical and Support Services to rural masses and slums dwellers;
• To create Awareness among the target groups about technological advancement and contemporary issues of importance.

(i) Major Areas of Activities :
1. Need Assessment Surveys :

To identify the felt needs in the rural areas for the purpose of forward planning.

2. Skill Development Training Programmes :

To impart basic skills, knowledge to local people for better living and prepare themselves for self or wage employment through training in extension centres and in house programmes in the main Institute.

3. Technical and Support Service

In rural areas, a large number of equipment are being used in farm and non-farm sector. For their sustained working, proper repair and maintenance services are to be provided. The identified Polytechnic should help the villagers and other agencies to take up this work by organizing

i. Minor repairs of the equipment through Extension Centres and also at site.
ii. Service centres to serve a cluster of villages.
iii. Promotion of service centres and repair shops to be set up by villagers Themselves
iv. Technical service camps in villages at regular intervals.
v. Extending consultancy services at village level through trained manpower.

4. Dissemination and Application of Appropriate Technologies :

A large number of technologies have been developed by various research institutions and laboratories in the form of appropriate technologies. But, the benefits of these technologies have failed to reach the rural population. The villagers could not adopt these modern technologies and implements to improve productivity, and, in turn, their quality of life, since the process of transfer of technologies was not undertaken in a planned manner. It is in this context that the identified Polytechnics need to play a very significant role in this important task. To create awareness on various developmental schemes, technology options, ways and means of improving quality of life in villages.

5. Awareness Programmes :

Assimilation and dissemination of information on rural development is another important activity. The Information, Education and Communication (IEC) plays a vital role in changing the attitudes of villagers for adopting better life style and technologies. This can be done through publication and distribution of Technical Literatures containing information useful to the rural people. For this purpose, all communication media such as leaflets, brochures, filmstrips, video films and other audio visual aids are to be used.

(ii) Funding

Government of India through MHRD provides one time non-recurring grant of Rs.13.00 lakhs and Rs.17.00 lakhs recurring grant per year. The grant is released in favour of Head of the Institute directly by MHRD and utilised as per the norms prescribed by Government of India.

(iii) Monitoring by Government of India

National Institute of Technical Teacher’s Training Institute, Kolkata having a separate Rural Development department monitor and supervise the activities of Community Polytechnic in the Eastern Region.

(iv) Monitoring by Government of Odisha

Director of Technical Education & Training (DTE&T) monitor the activities of Community Polytechnic periodically.

Industry Institute Interaction : (Data to be provided later)